See & Say

It's interesting to me , now that I've become "Blogger" that I would take part in an activity such as this.  Mainly because I see more than I say.  I guess this avenue of connecting with people is a way of letting others see through the lens that I am looking through.  Or maybe you could even use the word windows here.  But its is quite possible and maybe even more probable that nobody cares Ha !   Sometimes that artist thing in me just has to come out, I often find myself proclaiming to others " Look at that that !"  Most of the time I do this via the canvas.  The images I seem to like to communicate the most are those that have inspired me and I just can't keep it to myself.  I have the need to share it , give as a gift I suppose you could say.  I know this is a gift in and of  itself from God.  So I 'm done saying for now lets just see.


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