Little Boy Lost

As my husband and I were preparing to eat dinner this evening we spotted a small child behind our home. He was at the very back of our property, and very close to a somewhat remote area where there are woods and a large pond. I immediately stopped what I was doing and ran out to the backyard to investigate. I'm not really sure what prompted me to do this other than the Holy Spirit, you see I am always seeing children and their parents walking on this trail near our yard. This child though caught my attention as I sensed a problem. As I approached him I looked to see if there were any other people or even children with him, and there were none, not even someone calling for him. It was then that my heart began to race as this child had Down Syndrome and clearly didn't know where he was. I asked what his name was and he happily said 'me' while he patted his chest. I then asked him very calmly if he would like to go for a walk to find his mommy, he smiled a big smile a shook his head yes. Then he reached for my hand. This lost little boy was not scared nor sad about his circumstances, possibly because he didn't know or understand the danger he might have been in. Looking upon his little face with all that innocent joy just brought tears to my eyes which I carefully did not let him see. We proceded out to the street and up the road about a block when I heard boys calling the name ' Emmitt'. I asked if he belonged to them and they said no but that people in a yard down from them were frantically looking for him. So I continued to walk in the direction they pointed me towards, when I spotted a man racing towards us I realized this was his daddy. Emmitt jumped up into his arms and it was then that he got a little teary eyed, as if he finally recognized what just happened. Thankful for a happy ending I went home. The experience of that evening played out in my mind and I came to think of how that small lost child resembles some of us. Lost in this life without even knowing it, happy and carefree heading for the unknown.
Then our father in Heaven draws us to Him, and when we recognize Him we are ecstatic to see Him and realize our need for Him in our lives. The need for His guidance, protection and all that He provides for us comes rushing to us. But ... most importantly we recognize our need for His saving grace, the one that forgives us of all our sin, and provides a home in heaven one day.
Can you imagine the joy that young boys father felt at having him safely returned ? I in my mind can picture God's joy as we return to Him. To only be able to see how easy it really is to recognize our need for God, and to fully understand that we are lost and need to be saved in order to live fully in the here and now. Jesus says in Matthew 10:10 ' The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.'

After having prepared many bible studies over the years for women's ministry and young adults, I have come to see some topics that are of grave importance. This particular topic of having been lost and now am found is still at the top of my list.
___Denise T. Armstrong


  1. Denise, Not only are you a great artist but a great writer as well- I hope you won't mind if I add you to my blogroll?


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