This was the week involving trips.  Planning our vacation, saying goodbye in cards and books to friends moving away, saying goodbye to people who have left this life for another. The best trip I have thought about the past few days though is that of the final trip I'll make one day.  When I shall leave this life and join the Lord, & many wonderful family members and friends.  This is not a sad or even morbid thought as I know where I am going, and there I will find peace, love, music, beauty, happiness. What I won't find is sadness, pain, hate,or evil of any kind. The Bible clearly states in Phil. 3:20,  we can rejoice as a believer in Jesus Christ for we are citizens of Heaven. This should give us great peace as we live out our days here in this world called earth.  I do find that I want to live not as a carnal human, but as someone who one day will have a home in Heaven. This should be something that is written all over us and be a great influence on others. If you are not being asked why the joy? Then maybe you should question yourself about your future life after you leave this one.  I'm going to close with this one last statement, I'm not sure where I heard it but thank you whoever first said it because it sums up all that should matter most when talking of Heaven.  " There is no greater journey than the one that leads you home." 

Beginnings of a new painting about the final trip...

"One Last Journey"


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