Life Escapes Us...

For those of you whom are ever increasingly trying to escape the daily hum drums of life, think about this; some of us are actually living this out in reverse. Thats right, ' life is escaping us ' instead.  Just when you thought that you had things: events, special occasions, holidays all so perfectly planned ( in your mind ) they arrive with no time left to create that special moment.  Time seems to have a mind all its own,  sometimes we find humor in the way it catches up to us, but mostly we are disappointed that there has not been enough of it... time that is.  In our hurry to live out all those dreams and fantasies time seems to go right by us, and its not even patient enough to be courteous.  As I watched my children grow up into young adults I came to realize that I could not hold onto the precious moments spent with them.  Instead the moments turned into memories that later will become just old treasure stored in a cedar chest in someone's attic.  But... its those moments that we need to care for, those tiny short seconds of time that could change a life. That in short could easily turn the tables of history, forever.   The things we say and do for others that may only take a minute, could very well make all the difference in the world to the one on the receiving end of the moment you gave them.  I'll try to always remember to say I Love You to those that I have been blessed to know and love in this life.  After all it only takes half a second to say it !  So let us use our moments wisely.


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