Little Life Moments

Recently, have given much thought to the things that inspire.  As always, I am intrigued by the fact that whenever I am stalled on an idea ( just because I'm enjoying it so much ),  that thousands of facts, situations, art, photos, interesting people etc. etc. come my way.

  Some recent quotes I read that quite fascinated me were :  " I listen to everything to see what I can leave out " ___ Miles Davis.
" to tell everything is to be a bore " ___ Voltaire.

 So just how do you paint and create without over stating what you are thinking of...By Cautious listening to the spirit within you.The one that guides you to seeing those very subjects that compel and inspire you to recreate them. To place them on a canvas thus giving them a more lasting memory of the moment.   Always being aware of the most important parts of the story, so as not to lose the scene by trying to fit the whole book/movie/landscape on the one piece of canvas. But to give a glimpse only of the bigger picture seems to draw more of the viewer in then telling the whole story.
I believe that art is but an invitation to know more of the story of the creator. Much Knowledge can  be acquired by just accepting the invitation...


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