Ports Of Call

   Recently I finished a painting for my son. He is a songwriter/producer/engineer living in Nashville, TN.  He had asked several months ago if I might have something for his studio space. After looking through the artworks I have in stock I decided that creating one special for his space would be best. Over the years my son and I have had many conversations about our artistic journey's.  One being not so long ago about facing the storms head on.  How sometimes its a struggle to get to the other side. The storm can be representative of so many circumstances we face in life. I remember clearly the day he left to move to Nashville upon taking an internship at a recording studio there. His conversations in the weeks following, statements such as I am not entirely sure if this will be an easy thing to do, writing and composing music for the Christian music industry.  Everyone here are Christians, this is the bible belt, will I reach anyone with what I believe God has called me to do ?   Bring His message of hope, peace, love...the Gospel...Jesus.  The bible has showed us many, many, many times how the storms of life change people and with God they can be faced head on.  I especially love and lean on the scripture in Matthew 14:29..." Come "
were the words of Jesus as He was standing on the water in the middle of the lake surrounded by a storm...and Peter went !  Thats all we need to know, he stepped out of the boat believing and answering the call. 
   How many times in our lives have we seen the storm coming and wanted to go the other way ?  How much easier is the choice to make to not engage, but do you realize that by not stepping out of your boat you are choosing...thats right choosing to not see God at work and I will go even further by saying you are choosing to not be blessed. Certainly something to think about right ?   I finished and signed this painting the morning of the marathon bombings in Boston, Ma ( irony you are thinking right ) ?  I beg to differ !  The first news report I saw was a bystander telling of the courageous people that ran towards the smoke.  Those that ran into the storm to help those in need.  I know it gives us all a good feeling to know that there are many people out there that heed these kinds of calls.  My question then is how will you and I respond to the call, it could be something big, or small. Maybe it is to share the love of Christ to a neighbor, friend or family member. Something I know that would seem a lot less dangerous though many people don't.  My hope is by writing this and putting it out there that one just one will respond and light the way for someone else.  God's word never goes in vain...So jump out of the boat will
ya ? 

' Port of Call ' by Denise T. Armstrong. 36x48 Acrylic on stretched canvas. Copyright 2009



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