Anatomy Of The Soul

                                                All artwork by Denise T. Armstrong  copyright 2011
Yesterday my husband and I attended a church membership meeting or as they called it ' class '.   Something that most churches require when you are considering joining.  In our case the decision had been made already prior.  A part of the class was to familiarize you with the church doctrine.  Being an evangelical church the importance of believing and having made an adult decision to receive Christ into your heart, ask forgiveness for the sin in your life,  and accept God's gift of salvation. The pastor leading the class prayed for those and with those that maybe had never done this or were uncertain of what they believed. Following this he then proceeded to explain the importance of baptism, and how the decision to be baptized is a public demonstration of your faith.  There is more to this but I am giving you the shortened version so that I can set the stage for what came later.  My husband and I have been believers since 1979, and were baptized later.  We were vey comfortable and understood all that was being taught here, in fact I was not quite sure why we needed to sit through the class.  But my presence there was not about my soul but another's.  I came to realize this much later as we headed home.  Next to me sat a very young couple I would say maybe early 20's or so.  Throughout the first half of class not much was really said to one another or between us.  Other than they moved here in August from Nebraska.  They looked like a couple but after observing them I noticed that there were no wedding rings.  They looked so much alike that for a brief moment I thought they might be brother and sister.  We took a break halfway through and they stayed at the table along with myself, I asked her what brought them here and she replied I came to connect with my biological father.  Before I could ask she then announced " it went badly ".  She had such a sense of overwhelming sadness and grief that I almost felt like crying for her.  She became quiet once more and the class restarted.  I could not help but think about them the rest of the time there. At one point I had noticed that she was copying my notes and we laughed she and I  like our souls connected for a moment in time.
    We were nearing the end and the pastor asked if anyone would like to pray with him, those that have never received Christ into their hearts please follow after his words.  I had such an enormous pulling on my heart and soul to pray for this young couple, I know that God was working on my soul as well.  Afterwards the pastor announced that anyone who prayed and made the decision would be able to be baptized right after the class dismissed and that they were prepared with shorts, shirts, hair dryers etc. etc.. For some reason we all just seem to think that if you are in a class to join a church that all these areas would have already been accomplished...  As we got up to leave I turned around to say goodbye and wish them well but they were gone.  My heart sank...until I looked down on the table where we were told to leave our filled out information sheets.  In their spots were the cards stating their new decision to follow Christ and be baptized that day.  I felt like crying all over again, not  out of sadness but joy that God has pulled them near and THEY HEARD HIS CALL !!  On the way to the car Jesse and I talked briefly about them and it was then when I told him I am not sure if they were a married couple, he replied that their last names were different.  All I could think of was of course because their mother remarried and her brother was from the new marriage. It was so evident that they were siblings and it would only make sense.  I hope that one day I will see them again.  I would like to see them and talk with them about their new journey in faith. You see we never know what is on one's soul do we ?  God knows and prompts us with His Holy Spirit when He has a task for us. He is in the business of reconstruction, and it is usually in places that man cannot quite understand or comprehend. Like that of the anatomy of your soul.  

Luke 13:18-35______Opportunity

God's kingdom is at work in this world, but many people fail to take advantage of their opportunities.

Instead of entering the kingdom, some people only ask questions about it. Salvation is not a theory to discuss ; it is a miracle to experience. No wonder Jesus wept as he saw sinners passing by their opportunities to be saved !  Do not wait for opportunities to come ;  they are already here.


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