In The Zone

               ' Rising Fog in Woodforest ' Denise Armstrong... July 25, 2011...30"x40"  Acrylic
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 Recently I had a conversation with my son,  about the ups and downs of the creative process. The key component to our talk was God's part in our creativity and when you are in the middle of a project how to stay at it.  I mentioned to him how it seems as if everytime I am in the studio working, the phone or doorbell rings, or its time to make dinner or there is a load of clothes to iron or wash, or the dogs need to be walked, or groceries to be purchased, or bills to be paid etc. etc.. Some of these to do's are not that important but certainly are all on my list of responsibilities.  My son being a professional songwriter and producer said you have to create that place where you go to, to stay and finish what you began. Where you meet with God and co-create. I knew right away of what he was talking about because I have often in the past referred to this place myself. This is a being in the zone type of place. A sweet spot where creative thoughts mesh and mold with your paintbrush, or clay, or pen and paper, or camera, your voice, a guitar or piano. Whatever that tool is that God has blessed you with.  The application method matters not because in that space and time God takes over, a place that you would like more than anything  to stay in until you have accomplished the task. This is the truest form of worship that I know of. It is the zone !  This is the place that I love to be, to go there in my mind, heart and soul is to pray and be at one with God, where He then will breathe out of you into the work.  
Draw near to God and He will draw near to you___James 4:8
   The creative mind doesn't necessarily know how to orchestrate through the coming together of everyday living with their creative realm. That's the problem ! But...for a believer all things come together for the good, as said in Romans 8:28. Though you don't like the interruptions sometimes they are necessary aggrevations. Without the daily routine your life would be a mess, yes even chaotic !  I firmly believe by not being able to stay in that spot of creativeness coinciding with God all the time makes me desire to be there even more. Because you see this is the only one space where the grass IS truly greener on the other side.  It is the place that I find myself referring to as home.  There is this feeling like I belong there and it has a familiarity like no other place I have been before.  It is a little piece of Heaven here on earth.  It even carries that feeling of ' Deja vu ' when thinking and reflecting on it. A place that God has carved out just for me.  I hope that if you are a creative soul that you will consider prayerfully finding your niche with God,  because He has blessings stored up for you when you meet Him there. I had to write about this topic because I know there are so many of you that know of this but maybe never could put it into words...well so there it is...thanks for the conversation Matt !!


  1. I couldnt agree more Denise and thank you for this post! Have a blessed day!


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